Our client relationships are an integral part of our service model.  Our ability to provide personalized service, above and beyond what our competitors provide, has contributed to our long-term client relationships.  Listed below are recent testimonials summarizing our client perspectives:

“The cooperation with MedCare is excellent. The processing of invoices and inquiries is handled confidentially, competently and quickly. The colleagues at MedCare are very reliable. Problems or unclear situations are solved efficiently without making a big deal out of it, often times right on the phone. Even research not related to submitted invoices are handled in a competent and reliable manner.”

“Our cooperation with MedCare International has been excellent and confidential. MedCare International is a competent partner for us when it comes to reviewing invoices to determine the validity of services billed. They process everything quickly and without problems.”

“Initially we got to know MedCare International through our assistance partner and were able to gather the first positive experiences from observing the company in action. Since 2002 we have worked with MedCare as an independent partner. It is exciting to note that, over the years, not only the volume of savings increased steadily due to the reductions MedCare was able to achieve but also the communication with the various staff members has been very pleasant. Everyone is always open, friendly and helpful. Even though, due to the long distance, we don’t know each other personally, over time a relationship of confidentiality and friendship had been established. Medcare lives by the slogan “the client is king”, meaning that our company as well as its insured are enjoying a high standard of service. Problems are being solved regardless of how difficult they are. MedCare is the most reliable and most pleasant partner for our foreign country division.”

“We are pleased to provide you with some – really seriously meant- testimonials. The cooperation is friendly. The MedCare team is helpful and supportive whenever required. Our partnership has been going on since 2002 and is very efficient. By having MedCare involved, we have already saved tens of thousands of dollars.”

“We have been very pleased for years with MedCare’s work. Our claims have been handled quickly, competently and especially in the German language. Sometimes the achieved savings are enormous. MedCare’s staff is always friendly and even prepared to handle other things for us (i.e., research when fraud is suspected, procurement of medical reports and other information, etc.). Also, there has never been one single incident where one of our insured has complained about MedCare.”

Quick Response: MedCare as a service firm has the charm of a small company. The employees are all-around workers: in other words, everyone is able to respond to any and all inquiries and handle whatever needs to be done, making everyone there the right contact person for their client.
Familiarity: The MedCare staff takes pride in being fast, precise and reliable. Of course, even correspondence regarding complicated cases can be conducted in our native tongue.
Competence: All cases they are trusted with are handled with utmost care and experience. Every client is cared for on a very individual basis.”